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Rebecca Reid

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New Music Announcement 

Canadian artist Rebecca Reid is an alternative-pop/modern-Motown singer-songwriter who has hit the music scene with her debut single What About Us. Heralding psychologically minded lyrics that are brought to life by honey crisp vocals, soul drenching guitars, and a groove that will leave you regretting the choice to abandon your dance career as a pre-teen. 

Left at one of life’s precipices and staring into the uninhabitable unknown after a series of highly questionable life decisions, Rebecca Reid realized she may have made a mistake in leaving her most recent partner. Tortured by indecision about whether contacting her ex was cruel and unusual torture or an eagerly awaited coming to of the senses, What About Us emerged from the crematorial ashes of her remaining sanity.

Release Date May 8, 2020


About Rebecca

Life has a way of handing me experiences that are too big, too intense to be shared through spoken word.  Song is sometimes the most truthful way I have to communicate my rawest experiences. Being a songwriter gives me access to myself in deeper, more soulful way than anything else that I know. I've chosen to share my music to connect to people who can't find the words to describe what they've been through. Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes it's the tune, sometimes you can't put your finger on it, but something in music lets us know that we are not alone. The universality of the human experience is beautiful and mysterious, and I hope you find something of me and something of you in my music. Thank you for visiting!

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Like the photographs on this page? They were taken by my amazing father Iain Reid. Check out his website.

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